Guns and God save lives

Imagine how many people would have died at New Life Church if the church had insisted upon a no-gun policy like Virginia Tech:

The gunman at the New Life Church was shot and killed by a church security guard after entering the church’s main foyer with high-powered rifle shortly before 1 p.m. and opening fire, Colorado Springs Police Chief Richard Myers said. Four others were wounded, and one later died.

The church’s 11 a.m. service had recently ended, and hundreds of people were milling about when the gunman opened fire. Nearby were parents picking up their children from the nursery.

Police arrived to find that the gunman had been killed by a member of the church’s armed security staff, Myers said.

Needless to say, if your church has an anti-carry policy, you should definitely bring the subject up with the elders. I remember at Woodland Hills, the church security was volunteer, but better trained than any police. The two men that I knew who served in this manner were both ex-Rangers.

So, any doubt that it’s more angry atheists responsible for these mass shootings? It may not be, for all we know it’s the violent fallout of a divorce or whatever, but the odds are that it’s another violent nihilist ending his meaningless existence with a bang. Say what you will about the danger posed by American theocrats, there aren’t any Christians going to atheist meetings with the intention of murdering them.