NFL Week 13

Adrian Peterson is back! I have to say, I’m impressed with how Childress kept the team together after the shellacking at Lambeau. Tarvaris is playing very well in a conservative capacity, the offense is multi-dimensional and they really look like like the solid, wild card-caliber team that DVOA has basically been asserting all along.

And one can’t complain about the rookie haul this year. Peterson and Rice have already made their mark, now Allison is proving himself to be a genuine contributor as well. Maybe Zygi knew what he was doing when he announced that Childress’s job was not imperiled… I’m starting to suspect that Childress may simply be too conservative until it becomes clear that his back is up against the wall. The Vikings almost look like a different team now, and they’ve done it in part without their best players on either side of the ball.

UPDATE – Great game between Cleveland and Arizona, one with playoff implications no less! But the review rules are insane, there’s no question that Kellen Winslow was forced out on that great last-second non-catch for a touchdown. Terrible decision by the ref, absolutely terrible.