Paul 2x Thompson

CNN New Hampshire poll:

Romney 33%

McCain 18

Giuliani 16

Paul 8

Huckabee 5

Thompson 4

He’s got more money than McCain, looks to pound Thompson in one of the first actual votes, but still isn’t supposed to be an “electable” candidate? This says far more about the mainstream media and its conservative hangers-on than it does about Ron Paul.

Now, I think polls are inherently worthless. Did Bush really make up a 17-point deficit to Dukakis in 1988 or was that ephemeral lead just dukaka in the first place? I believe the latter. But Republicans who have been trying very, very hard to ignore Paul on the sole basis of what the polls say are really showing themselves to be completely unprincipled hypocrites as Paul continues to gain ground and raise money.

Notice how some of them who said they loved Paul’s ideas, but considered him to be unelectable are suddenly finding faults with him now that he’s proving to be more competitive than their previously favored candidates.