But what if they’re not happy?

Jennifer Morse on The Boyfriend Problem:

The bottom line: the most dangerous person in a child’s life, the person most likely to abuse a child, is his mother’s cohabiting boyfriend. Not the biological father. The feminists and their political allies have driven biological married fathers out of the home. Feminists have convinced women that marriage is dangerous to them. The opponents of marriage never seem to take responsibility for the fact that the main alternative to marriage, cohabitation, is much more dangerous to women and their children.

I’m not sure whether it’s more amusing or appalling at how often people and societies regularly choose to leap from a slightly warm frying pan directly into a raging furnace. It is this tendency, more than anything, that has convinced me that Man is a hopelessly irrational creature. Anyone who questions the existence of Hell on the basis of it not being a “real choice” would appear to have paid absolutely no attention to the rest of humanity and the way it has behaved throughout the entire course of his life.