NFL Week 11

I can’t decide who is the biggest moron, Brad Childress, Tarvaris Jackson or Chad Greenway. If the Raiders had won thanks to Childress’s gutless AND lower-percentage decision to punt the ball instead of going for it on 4th-and-inches to close out the game, I would have gone berserk if Wilf hadn’t fired him before tomorrow morning.

He still needs to go, obviously, but my hatred for Coach Clueless merely burns hot, it’s not actually melting steel at this point. Tarvaris’s decision to lob the ball into coverage on second-and-goal was merely infuriating by comparison; fortunately the Raiders aren’t any too bright and the cornerback’s decision to take the ball out to the two-yard line handed the Vikes the subsequent safety.

But Greenway’s decision to get up and run with the ball after what should have been the game-clinching interception was definitely the dumbest decision of the day. Just stay down! What was the dumb galoot thinking, that he was going to run through nine Raiders and score? Instead, he fumbled and kept hope alive for Oakland. Still, this doesn’t let Childress off the hook either, because that sort of foolishness by a starter is a major sign of a poorly coached team.

On the bright side, Chester Taylor ran like a madman in scoring his three TDs. He’s been eminently supportive of Adrian Peterson, so it’s nice to see him have his moment in the sun in Peterson’s absence.