This is truly hilarious

The DM of the Rings:

Aragorn: “We need a name for our group. What do you guys think?”
DM: “I suggest Fellowship of the Ring.”
Legolas: “Gay. how about Legion of the Ring?”
Gimli: “Nay, makes us sound evil.”
Merri: “I know! The Guardians of the Ring!”
Pippin: “Um, we’re not really guarding it, we’re trying to destroy it.”
Sam: “The Seven Keepers of the Ring?”
Frodo: “There are nine of us.”

The thing I love most about geek humor is that while the normal person who comes up with a funny take on something will turn it into an amusing anecdote, only a committed geek can take a single amusing concept and somehow turn it into an ongoing epic that somehow continues to be funny even though it’s merely explication of the one thought.

It’s like the guy who remade Star Wars in ASCII text. You know he’s hopelessly insane, but you have to love him for it. This excerpt from the guy’s bio tells you all that you really need to know about whether reading his graphic saga is worthwhile.

(And as my wife reminds me below: At one point I forgot to pay the phone bill and the phone was disconnected. Took me a week to notice.)

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