Little Australian Boy: “Wot’s thaht thing agayan?” “

VD: “What thing?”

LAB: “Thaht thing thaht was on yir cah!”

VD: “Oh, the weasel?”

LAB: “Yiea. Was hay fat and juicy loik may?”

VD: (trying not to laugh) “How’d you get so fat and juicy?”

LAB: “Oi exercoise!

Now, that was funny. But you haven’t experienced true humor until you’ve overheard two little kids discussing a ventriloquist who was, very convincingly, using a dog in the place of the usual dummy. I nearly asphyxiated myself trying to keep from laughing out loud.

Little Girl: “That pup is from NARNIA!”

Little Boy: “Narnia’s just a story. I think it’s a parrot in a dog suit.”