VPFL Week 10

83 East Mesa WhiteTrash
73 Winston Reverends

76 Black Mouth Curs
49 Burns ICU

71 W.C. Silver Spooners
45 Masonville Marauders

60 Mounds View Meerkats
53 Greenfield Grizzlies

43 Cranberry Bogs
39 Village Valkyries

Finally got some much needed REVENGE against the alabaster bearded cow and dragged him down to join me in the league basement. Misery just loves company, don’t you know. Nate continues to sink lower into the abyss and the Silver Spooners pull Masonville back towards the pack as they make their move towards a playoff run. East Mesa is looking dangerous again, even though LaDainian Thomlinson isn’t running rampant like last year.

Meanwhile, in the real NFL, Vikings fans are wondering why Winter Park passed on the opportunity to grab Simeon Rice for the veteran minimum. It’s not as if our pass rush doesn’t need any help.