Mailvox: mixed reviews

This guy quite liked the article:

I am really surprised WND allowed your article! Is there a change in the wind at World Net? Inquiring minds would like to know. Good work!

WorldNetDaily publishes a wide range of views. It always has. Joseph Farah has resolutely defended my columns, even when he openly disagrees with them, and the one time he suggested that I write something was when there happened to be a news story which he felt was in an area of my expertise. WND’s regular columnists disagree on a whole host of issues, as my past columns devoted to Michelle Malkin and Ben Shapiro should serve to demonstrate.

This lady, on the other hand, didn’t like it at all:

You are seriously mistaken!! You are the Liar. Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris will withstand the darts from the workers of Satan of which you must be!!! Thank God for TRUE Christians who can spot a LIAR when they see and or read one!!! Besides your picture showing who you “really” are, one can see by your writing that Jesus doesn’t and can’t reside in you! I hope you find the truth. Look in the Bible. There is the truth, not from you or Illana Mercer’s mouths!!! You better check who you are really working for, cause it isn’t God, dear!!! True Christians can spot another True Christian, and they can also spot the wolves trolling around in sheep’s clothing, in which you and Illana Mercer, and Phyllis Shlavely (or however you spell her name) are.

And here I thought George W. Bush was supposed to be the compassionate conservative Messiah. Clearly, he is not even fit to wrap Mike Huckabee’s burrito.