Can he get an amen?

Childress must go

It was a bad week for the Vikings and, more specifically, for coach Brad Childress. Off the field, the team suffered one of its biggest embarrassments this side of the Love Boat fiasco, thanks to the decision to dock receiver Troy Williamson a game check for being with his family after the death of his grandmother. On the field, the Vikings suffered their first-ever shutout at the hands of Green Bay — and their worst regular-season blanking in franchise history….

Along the way, Childress took an unnecessary shot at unemployed veteran quarterback Jeff George, who wanted to play for the Vikings, only to sign unemployed veteran quarterback Koy Detmer, who on his best day couldn’t deliver the pig with the same velocity as George.

But the clincher could have been Childress’ revelation to Jay Glazer of FOX that the second-year head coach had sought out the advice of Colts coach Tony Dungy in determining whether to reverse course and pay Williamson. Though I’ve got no problem with Childress seeking input from Dungy or any other NFL head coach, disclosing the fact he sought Dungy’s advice wasn’t the wisest P.R. move, because it invites criticism from folks who might wonder whether Childress is fit to be the head coach if he can’t make up his mind for himself.

Childress is the classic long-time administrator who is completely unsuited for an executive position. He should be canned immediately. It is sickening how the Vikings have had top prospects like Tony Dungy and now Mike Tomlin pass through their coaching ranks while hiring zeros like Tice and Childress. They should go after Jason Garrett and go after him hard, then give up a first for Brady Quinn.

In other, more important news, it sounds as if AP will be okay:

A league source tells us that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has an injury to the lateral collateral ligament in his right knee, and that he is week-to-week.

The source says he won’t need surgery.