For gamers only

While I very much like the core idea underlying Wikipedia, in practice the open encyclopedia has been rendered increasingly useless by the self-appointed bureaucrats who have taken it upon themselves to play thought police there. After having uniformly negative run-ins with the page squatters there, I quit bothering to even try contributing to it. One need merely peruse the history of any even slightly controversial article there to see the way in which even the most basic errors of fact are defended unto the heat death of the universe; despite its commendable usefulness the open concept is ultimately limited to mediocrity by its ideological egalitarianism and structural tendency to reward the bureaucratically minded.

The new Citizendium, on the other hand, created by Wikipedia’s founder Larry Sanger, offers a more reasonable open but non-egalitarian solution and one that I believe has greater long-term potential, by recruiting recognized experts in their fields to make the judgment calls when they are needed. Being such an expert myself, I have been asked to be the first Games editor there, so if any gamers here are interested in contributing game-related articles in their particular areas of interest or cleaning up some of the better Wikipedia game-related articles, please let me know. I already have two volunteers from the game industry proper and my intention is for the Citizendium’s Game section to surpass Wikipedia’s within three years. Given the way in which Wikipedia frantically scrubs all of the interesting trivia and Easter eggs from its articles versus my decision to fully embrace such things, I expect it may happen even quicker than that.

You may recall that it is said that it is the winners who write history… speaking of which, if you haven’t seen LEEROY JENKINS in action, well, it’s pretty funny.