Dr. Helen asks: should men marry?

A good family is a wonderful thing; however, I admit to having been naive enough to do a post on marriage at my blog thinking that I would hear about the positive things men liked about being married. Boy, was I wrong. Here is what I heard instead:

I’m a single, never married guy. Professional, good job, etc. Have been dating a great lady for almost a year. I thought I was ready to ask her to marry me (she has been hinting for months that she wants to marry). Problem is, at least 7 out of 10 guys I talk to tell me that it is one of the worst mistakes that they every made. Some tell me not to marry American women, that they are all feminist at heart. One married guy told me that I could get the same effect by selling my house, giving all my money away and having someone castrate me. This is really starting to un-nerve me and the more I learn about the legal bias against men, I’m beginning to back off of marriage. I love my girlfriend, but all of these guys say their girlfriends changed once they married and begin to dominant and control. I am starting to think marriage in American can not be saved.

I’ve mentioned my position before. Unless you are a Christian and are marrying a woman who is at least as serious about her Christian faith as you are, don’t even think about marriage. If you are both committed Christians who want to start a family, make sure your friends and family carefully check her out and listen to their concerns, if any. It’s better to get married only by the church, not the State, but if that’s not an option for whatever reason, get a Covenant marriage which makes it much more difficult for a woman to run the typical flee-and-fleece with the aid of the so-called Family Courts.

Literally everything that marriage has to offer a man is on offer these days without it; all marriage adds to the equation is a very high risk of financial and emotional devastation. No one with even one-tenth a brain would consider an investment that came with the same risk-reward ratio of American marriage today.

I’m fortunate to be happily married, but I’m both luckier and smarter than the average bear. A happy marriage can be made, but it takes as least as much effort as anything else worth pursuing.