So much for science

It seems when push comes to shove, PZ Myers prefers politically correct myth to science:

James Watson’s sold-out lecture in London has been cancelled. I guess making bogus accusations about the congenital stupidity of a whole continent has consequence.

I strongly suspect that the misguided atheist belief in what they suppose to be the religious individual’s “fear” of science is actually projection of their own fear of their one god – science – dismantling their own core beliefs for which they know they have no scientific justification.

For example, there is absolutely no scientific justification for the political doctrine of equality. Absolutely all of the scientific evidence points to human inequality, therefore the logical scientist – of which there are many – knows that the method by which he attempts to guide his life undermines many of his most cherished beliefs. Thus, they are functionally schizophrenic, unless they develop a narcissistic (in the Herman Hesse sense) ideology of extreme rational materialism which precludes all such non-scientific factors.

PZ’s statement is particularly amusing given his statement a few months ago that asserted nothing should be sacrosanct from scientific investigation.