How many is too many?

Derbyshire notes with dismay that the Midwest is turning Mexican:

I heard a couple of times the remark that in this little corner of rural Iowa, the student body in the schools is half Hispanic. The remark was passed in a polite, diffident and non-condemnatory way—of course! this is Iowa—and when I tried to probe, people just retreated into niceness (“These Mexican restaurants are really great!”)

Still, I found it hard to believe, surrounded as I was by Lundqvists and Muellers. In an idle moment, however, I looked up the stats on Sure enough, the “Student Stats” on GreatSchools for Storm Lake show percentages Hispanic as:

* High school: 32
* Middle School: 43
* Elementary schools: 53, 66, 63, 53.

There’s nothing wrong with that, so long as you don’t mind living in a barrio. Immigrants create enough problems as it is, but a migration fundamentally changes the nature of the destination. And 60 percent of the next generation is a massive migration by any historical measure.