Mailvox: Adolf and me

You know, when you reach the point that you’re comparing Dominos to Hitler because the delivery boy was five minutes late with your pizza, you just might be going overboard:

“Hitler would have loved you. Welcome to the club of white supremacists who think that the Jewish Lobby is running America, and the rest of the world. JEWS DO NOT TRY TO PREVENT CHRISTIANS FROM EXERCIZING THEIR BELIEFS. EXCEPT, when those expressions openly call for the end of Judaism, or criticize Jews for what they believe. What makes Christians think that it is OK to tell everyone that Jews are going to Hell because they do not accept Jesus, that they are not “perfected Jews,” that they are being punished for not accepting Jesus, that they are “errantly waiting for the wrong Messiah,” or that their “Old Testament Laws” have been replaced by Jesus?

A Jew crying Hitler, now that’s new. And it’s an amazingly stupid statement anyhow, considering that National Socialists have nothing in common with libertarians. I mean, exactly what would a National Libertarianist Holocaust look like anyhow?

AH: I haff a vunderful idea! Vee must kill all zee Juden!

VD: With what?

AH: Vat do you mean, vith vat? Vee haff zee Soldaten, zee Polizei, zee Gestapo, and zee immense National Libertarianist bureaucracy, nicht wahr? And are vee not Cherman? It vill be like a great machine clockverk of death!

VD: What bureaucracy? All we’ve got is Ilke and she’s out getting coffee.

AH: Vat? Unglaublich! Vat happened to zat massiff army of bureaucrats vee inherited from zose veaklings of Veimar?

VD: They’re all working in the private sector now. The Wehrmacht and Post were privatized, the police were downsized and decentralized, the universities were given back to the churches and since the income tax, social security and public schools were abolished, we only need Ilke to cover the phones now.

AH: And zee Geheimene Staats Polizei?

VD: Secret state police don’t roll with human liberty, dude. I fired them all and we sold their guns and stuff in a public auction. Some guy named Helmut bought all the leather trenchcoats.

AH: But what about my SS, my personal army sworn to loyalty even unto zee death.

VD: Sorry, they all quit when they found out they weren’t getting paid by the state anymore. EA hired the Ahnenerbe, though, because it turns out that they’re such complete freaks that they make for pretty good game designers. Gerhardt came up with the most amazing spin on Call of Cthulhu for this MMO they’re developing-

AH: I don’t care about zee verdammt MMO games! Are you vollständig verrückt? If vee haff no Heer, no Polizei, no Gestapo and no Staatsbürokratie, how do you expect me to kill zee Juden zen?

VD: (rummages through desk) Hang on, I think Ilke has a letter opener around somewhere….

Of course, it’s totally obvious to any casual observer that Jews must be in charge of American foreign policy, given the way it is now run as a Hitler of the Month club. Milosevic, Bin Laden, Hussein and now Ahmadinejad.

The point is that those who believe in strong central governments and legal monopolies on violence are far more intrinsicly dangerous to Jews, (and every other human being), than the most viciously anti-semitic libertarian could ever be.