Yearning for persecution

BL appears to be a classic example of the individual who derives a sense of importance from his imaginary persecution:

You really stepped over the line with this misguided, uninformed, and historically skewed diatribe against the Jewish People. I find it difficult to believe that your screed went to press prior to the WND’s editor reading it thoroughly.

What you think you know, wouldn’t even fill a thimble, and whether knowingly or otherwise, you have opened wide the door for a flood of Jew-hatred to sweep across the United States.

The hate and venom you’ve harbored in your soul against the Jews has been exposed. I won’t bother to dissect the inacurracies and prejudices in your writing which you’ve presented as “historical facts”.

You’re on my shit list now.

Of course he won’t bother to dissect the “inacurracies” of my column, or even list them, as the only inaccuracy was the rhetorical shorthand which referred to Jesus Christ as a Christian, which, technically, is impossible since one can’t follow oneself.

All I can say is that if I am a Jew-hater, then the Jews had better flee the USA immediately, as I am more generally pro-Jew and pro-Israel than the vast majority of people I know in the USA, let alone Europe. BL is either one of those who consciously attempt to keep Jews on the unassimilated reservation by stoking their fears about Gentiles or he’s incapable of understanding the concept of sympathetic criticism.

It is a tremendous mistake for any minority to attempt to push around or otherwise control a large majority, and that is precisely what Forman, Deutsch and Foxman have attempted to do by publicly declaring “war” on Christianity and demanding that Christians be silent about even the most basic tenets of their religious faith. If a floodgate to Jew-hatred is being opened in the United States, it is being opened by organizations like the ACLU and individuals like Forman, Foxman and company.

UPDATE: This intellectually challenged individual can’t keep straight just who is telling who to shut up:

There is no war on Xtainity in the U.S. It may make you feel badly that people ask that the US Constitution be upheld. It may make you feel badly that some people prefer not to have religion stuffed in their face, but that is just too damned bad.

Right, that’s why after Abe Foxman’s attack on American Christian organizations, Haaretz reported: “But this is the first all-out media assault by an ADL head on the U.S. Christian establishment.”

Furthermore, Mr. Deutsch specifically asked Ann Coulter about her religion. He was literally asking to have her religion ‘stuffed in his face’. It is the Jew, Ira Forman, who is demanding that Christians shut up about their faith, whereas I’m completely fine with Jews talking about their faith all they want, I simply pointed out that Forman’s demand is a stunningly obnoxious one in a Christian-majority country. And how, I wonder, could Ann Coulter answering a direct question about her faith possibly violate the U.S. Constitution in any way, shape or form?

It can’t really be a surprise to learn that so many people despise Jews considering the way that some of them are so blindly devoted to seeing anti-semitism under every blanket and trying to turn friends into enemies. If this loser thinks American Christians are anti-semitic, he should try visiting post-Christian Europe.