The circle jerk continues

Richard Dawkins presents Daniel Dennett with the Richard Dawkins award for Daniel Dennett’s notable achievement in quoting Richard Dawkins quoting Daniel Dennett favorably quoting Richard Dawkins:

In honour of Dan Dennett
by Richard Dawkins

Speech in honour of Dan Dennett, presenting him with the Richard Dawkins Award for 2007 at the Crystal City conference of the Atheist Alliance International….

It is a huge pleasure and honour to me to present this award to Dan, and the fact that the award is in my name redoubles the pleasure and quadruples the honour.

It’s all about godlessness and aged men finding mutual pleasure…. It seems the only substantive difference between an atheist convention and a furry convention is the costumes. That being said, Breaking the Spell is approximately 100x more relevant and rational than The God Delusion; the irony is that while the philosopher wrote a book of scientific philosophy, the scientist wrote a book of ontological philosobabble.