Ann rejects Old Fred

She, too, is unimpressed by the old slug:

The Times reported that calls from Thompson’s Tennessee constituents showed that they “overwhelmingly favored removing President Bill Clinton from office.” So Thompson could either: 1) Follow the Constitution and make his constituents happy or, 2) disregard the Constitution and make his Hollywood friends happy.

Only a handful of Republicans voted against all law and reason to keep Clinton in office, and only one of them was from Tennessee. This isn’t the time to be toying with any Republican who had a Clinton in his sights and ended up shooting himself in the foot.

Ann’s a party creature, so I expect she’ll dutifully fall in line behind Giuliani since the hopelessness of Romney is becoming ever more apparent. It would be nice if she’d show some spine and back Ron Paul, but it’s interesting that she’s perceptive enough to recognize so quickly that Thompson is a clear non-starter.