Fascism and foreign investment

Newsflash: Foreign investors think it’s a good idea for foreign investors to control US public assets:

When asked to vote, a show of hands indicated virtually every attendee in the 300-person audience was in favor of public-private partnerships to structure the next U.S. generation of highways as foreign-operated private toll roads.

I have no problem with the private ownership of roads, but I have a serious problem with the “public-private partnerships” which are designed to provide the private partner with the maximum of revenue while saddling the public partner with the risk. See the newly democratic Russia for details on how this sort of thing works; very few of those Russian gazillionaires living in London created any of the former state corporations they now own.

In related news, 300 out of 300 children surveyed believe that children should be provided chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies and three flavors of ice cream at every meal.