VPFL Week One

93 Cranberry Bogs
69 Village Valkyries

83 Masonville Marauders
48 W.C. Silver Spooners

74 East Mesa WhiteTrash
55 Winston Reverends

67 Black Mouth Curs
38 Burns Hausfraurers

61 Greenfield Grizzlies
44 Mounds View Meerkats

Never trust the projections. All three of my keeper RBs, Willie Parker, Maurice Jones Drew and Reggie Bush, combined for 3 points this weekend. You just can’t win that way. The White Trash put up impressive points considering how Chicago kept LDT from running wild, which is scary, while the Bog got huge performances out of Kitna and their three WRs. The Hausfraurers, on the other hand, might as well have started Carson Palmer and sat everyone else, and losing Brandon Jacobs for a month isn’t going to help either. But then, bad luck is overkill when you’re starting Devin Hester at WR in Week One.

I’m not worried about my roster yet despite the underwhelming performance. The Pittsburgh and Jacksonville running games will surely pick up and my receivers actually look better than I’d hoped – Tom Brady isn’t going to throw to Randy Moss all year – my only real concern is my defense(s). Before the season started, Oakland and New England both looked like potential top five defenses, now Oakland looks fragile and New England is missing both Harrison and Seymour. But as the Football Outsiders point out, Week One is all about the overreactions, so I’ll give it some time and see how things shake out. If the Patriots can keep the San Diego offense in check this week, they should be all right until the big dogs get back, but if Oakland can’t dominate an anemic Denver offense this week, they’re history and Al Davis may be looking at a second straight number one pick.