Suckers for the surge

Rod Dreher notes that Republicans got suckered by the Bush administration. Again.

The Senate Republicans hold the key to forcing a strategy change, and it looked not too long ago as if they were going to reach the end of the road when Petraeus reported. Sen. Mitch McConnell indicated as much earlier this year. Well, here it is September, and there is Petraeus reporting some success in stanching the violence, and there is Crocker reporting minimal success on the political front — the very point of the surge. And there are independent government assessments indicating that Iraq is a politically hopeless place.

Where are the Republicans, though? As far as I can tell, still in the tank with George W. Bush. As George Will indicates in his column today, we are continuing this policy based on a flimsy rationale. Honest to goodness, how much longer can the Republicans allow themselves to be strung along by this administration and its proxies? We’ve heard time and time again over the past few years that we’re just about to turn the corner in Iraq. The insurgency is in its last throes. The elections are going to turn things around. Capturing Saddam is going to turn things around. Killing Zarqawi is going to turn things around. The surge is going to turn things around.

None of it has panned out. And yet, here we go again. Here we go again. Remember this when the Republicans go marching to their well-deserved doom on Election Day 2008.

The surge hasn’t worked. In fact, every professional and amateur military strategist knew it wouldn’t, and knew it was little more than a political stunt. This is all Mao 101; when the enemy sends in reinforcements, fade back and attack elsewhere, avoiding the reinforced positions. So, the surge has been predictably “successful” by stabilizing Baghdad, but this is just a temporary measure which will only last as long as the extra troops stay there. Once they are withdrawn, the attacks will begin again in Baghdad.

The commanders know it, the insurgents know it and the administration knows it. A few of the more intelligent members of the media have also figured it out. About the only ones who haven’t are the Republican politicians who are walking the plank again for Dear Leader.

I’m really starting to suspect that George Bush derives sadistic pleasure from stabbing his allies in the back. It’s almost as if he’s addicted to it.