Dependably wrong

Mr. Regression to the Mean is an excellent compass, you just have to remember he points due south:

“Any Issues in My Private Life Do Not Affect My Public Performance”

Rudy just had his best debate moment since his tussle with Ron Paul several months ago — going head-on at his greatest potential weakness, his messy family situation, and essentially asking voters to note that he did his job well regardless of personal difficulties. It’s the only answer he can give, really, and it was very nearly perfect. Whether it will work we won’t know until this is all decided.

As long as people can remember Bill Clinton, it’s not going to work. Even if they couldn’t remember Bill Clinton, who doesn’t have personal experience of their private lives affecting their work?

I mean, when someone’s dog dies, you take it easy on them for the next day or two, right? Because everyone’s private life absolutely affects their public performance. Giuliani is doing nothing more than demonstrating that he is a shameless liar. Again.