The South rises in Texas

Texans counties unite to shut down a massive private land grab of 584,000 acres. Of course, the Lone Star State would have done better to stay independent in the first place:

As of Monday, August 27, Gov. Perry, the Texas Department of Transportation, and the Environmental Protection Agency were notified of the move to stop the TTC. The four Texas cities of Bartlett, Holland, Little River-Academy, and Rogers formed the Eastern Central Texas Sub-Regional Planning Commission (ECTSRPC) to fight the TTC. Moreover, among other things, they are depending on federal court decisions that have set precedents in favor of landowners, but never involving something of this magnitude, in other federal districts to add backbone to the local laws they are utilizing….

The newly formed commission, in an unprecedented move, was formed using the Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 391. This allows cities to develop plans for their local region and to force the state agencies to coordinate with their activities. Under Chapter 391.009(c), TxDoT is required to coordinate with commissions to ensure effective and orderly implementation of state programs at the regional level. The vice president of the newly formed commission, Ronnie White, said: “TxDoT must coordinate with us before they can implement their plans in our region.” He also stated that “The TTC is driven by greed and has no respect for our rural way of life.” This would have to be the understatement of the century, in my estimation.

After long consultations with attorneys and massive investigation, commission members concluded that there are no loopholes for the state agencies to exploit here. Therefore, under state law, TxDoT will be required to work with the ECTSRPC and coordinate their plans with the local group before any land is taken or any construction begins.

This is merely the first return fire in what is going to be the most significant political battle of our generation. Understand this: if Americans consent to the NAU, there will be no more America. To vote for any politician, of any party, who supports the TTC or the SPP or any of the other supranational acronym organizations, is to vote for treason.