Yes, Christians did end slavery

Which is why it shouldn’t be surprising when post-Christians and/or non-Christians bring it back:

A total of 1,340 people, 367 of whom are mentally handicapped, have been rescued from forced labor since the notorious brick kiln forced labor scandal came to light in June, a joint investigation group reported on Monday afternoon….

The use of forced laborers hit the headlines after more than 400 parents in central China’s Henan Province posted an online petition, calling for help in rescuing their children who had been kidnapped to work in small brick kilns in Shanxi and Henan as forced laborers.

I’m not sure if it is more amusing or pathetic that some people still point to the Christian continuation of a pre-Christian practice that Christians, with significant internal debate, brought to a temporary end in the Christian-dominated world, while ignoring the fact that more people are in various forms of slavery today than were enslaved in the American South.