A nice little scam

From the Washington Post:

Chavez and her immediate family members have used phone banks and direct-mail solicitations to raise tens of millions of dollars, founding several political action committees with bankable names: the Republican Issues Committee, the Latino Alliance, Stop Union Political Abuse and the Pro-Life Campaign Committee. Their solicitations promise direct action in the “fight to save unborn lives,” a vigorous struggle against “big labor bosses” and a crippling of “liberal politics in the country.”

That’s not where the bulk of the money wound up being spent, however. Of the $24.5 million raised by the PACs from January 2003 to December 2006, $242,000 — or 1 percent — was passed on to politicians, according to a Washington Post analysis of federal election reports. The PACs spent even less — $151,236 — on independent political activity, such as mailing pamphlets.

This is why I recommend giving to churches – although not the big showy ones where the pastor owns a Mercedes, or worse, a plane – rather than charities and political action committees.

Chavez, of course, is the charming woman who recently accused everyone who opposed immigration limits of being racist Mexican haters. I can’t imagine this is going to make her any more popular with conservatives. The problem really isn’t that she and her family were making a mint off their actions – they weren’t greedy considering the money that was passing through their hands – but that the entire operation is just one big churn, fundraising for fundraising’s sake.

It’s interesting to note that their one attempt to operate in the real world failed.