You don’t say

As if we didn’t know:

Another emotional disability that bright girls, myself included, suffer from is low self-esteem. Career girls are adept at appearing confident and are often hideously controlling, which is really to disguise our great fear of being out of control. Intimacy means a higher potential for rejection and the risk of being hurt.

“And being hurt means our feelings are forced to the surface and we have to deal with them, which is painful and scary…. Let’s face it, none of us clever girls are very happy, are we?”

The most amusing part is how one supposedly intelligent woman ends up concluding that her problems with relationships stem from her not being self-centered and demanding enough. It’s just proof that no matter how intelligent they might be, some people are simply incapable of learning.

I’m not a proponent of the EQ concept, but I’ve always found women who insist that they are strong and independent to be tremendously fragile; one can usually reduce them to helpless tears within a minute or two at any time. Women don’t know how to trash talk and very few have had the benefit of having to constantly prove themselves in various forms of objective competition from a young age, so any openly expressed bravado is almost always false.

(It’s not true, on the other hand, that quiet men are the most confident, for example, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird weren’t exactly silent about their skills on the basketball court. For men, calling your shot beforehand is a motivational game, it’s a way to call yourself out and remove any excuse for failure.)

Anyhow, there’s no doubt that smart, career-oriented women are best left to their careers and cats. That’s the life they chose, so leave them alone to lead it and don’t screw up your own by getting involved with that sort. Any man will be much happier with a woman who values marriage and children more than legal briefs and Powerpoint.