Math is hard

Kathryn Lopez demonstrates why women shouldn’t be editors of political journals:

McCain, Giuliani, and Romney come off as serious. You almost forget McCain’s political obits were being written a few weeks ago. And you wonder why conservatives seem so depressed these days. Maybe I’m just optimistic in the morning, but with the right team and veep, would any of these guys be terrible?

Yes, because the metric by which a political candidate is properly judged is not the superficial impression he manages to create. McCain, Giuliani and Romney are all the very worst sort of candidates, being unelectable, certain to cause major portions of their party’s base to stay home on election day and govern as the same sort of pragmatic, unprincipled politician that has allowed America to drift further and further into a morass of giant government.

So, they can’t win, and even if they could, you’d wish they hadn’t. Other than that, they’re great.

UPDATE: Oh, sweet Darwin!

“Tom Tancredo may not even be wrong, but his presence kinda killed the mood.”

It’s politics, not sweet love, Kathryn Jean. Now, put the vibrator away, that’s just wrong.