An agreement, and a correction

On the madness of the War Party Wing of the Republican Faction. Actually, Dr. PZ Myers and I are also probably in accord on the desirability of bridges not collapsing on 35W.

However, I must correct his impression that belt buckles inscribed with “Gott mit uns” were Nazi insignia. This is a common example of historical ignorance on the part of atheists foolishly attempting to argue that Hitler was a Christian.(1) “Gott mit uns” was the slogan of the Wehrmacht, the non-Nazi German Army, which inherited it from the Kaiser’s Imperial standard of 1870. The fact that one can easily find examples from WWI should suffice to demonstrate the cluelessness of atheists in this regard.

The actual Nazi slogan was “Meine Ehre heißt Treue”, with which the 950,000-strong Nazi army known as the Waffen-SS replaced “Gott mit uns” and means “My honor is named loyalty”. And it was a genuine army comprised of 38 combat divisions (by way of comparison, the current U.S. Army has 10); the translation of “Waffen SS” is “Armed SS”, which distinguished them from the 500,000 strong Allgemeine SS, or “Generic SS” which was the Nazi bureaucracy.

(1) I deal conclusively with this in TIA, with a document of impeccable evidence that has surfaced only recently. Moreover, not even Dawkins was willing to argue that Hitler was a Christian, only Harris, Hitchens and Onfray were dumb enough to do that; regular readers will be unsurprised to learn that Harris and Onfray both rely in part upon the evidence of the “Gott mit uns” buckles.