The vanishing English rose

Not that one has ever heard them mentioned with the same worshipful awe that men regard Brazilian, Thai and Hungarian women, but things appear to be going increasingly downhill for the daughters of those who gave birth to the Empire on which the sun never set:

It seems that British women couldn’t care less after a survey showed they are the least likely to put effort into their appearance for the sake of men. They have the lowest levels of concern in the world for what husbands, boyfriends and other male observers might think, with only 51 per cent caring whether men liked their appearance, the study said.

Japanese women were second bottom with 53 per cent followed by Americans at 56 per cent. Indian, Spanish and Korean women were far more worried about having a man’s seal of approval, but it was Russia which topped the poll of 10,000 women, with 77 per cent saying that they cared what their men thought.

One must admit that British women are not a complete disaster, after all, they do include Elizabeth Hurley, Kate Beckinsale and Victoria Beckham in their number. Still, if one sees an attractive woman in England these days, the chances are that she’s Polish.

I don’t think that self-regard is an inherently negative thing, but if you do happen to have any interest in a relationship with the opposite sex, it really does behoove you to pay an amount of attention to what they appreciate.