Ron Mexico: Canine Killer

From Pro Football Talk

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to suspend Falcons quarterback Mike Vick.

“Where [Vick] is in the most trouble is that he lied to the commissioner,” a league source told Cole. “He told [Goodell] in April that he didn’t know anything about this. The commissioner gave [Vick] every chance to come clean, be straight about what was going on. Instead, he just kept denying it.”

Dumb, very dumb. Generally speaking, if you’re a public figure, you should avoid any activities that involve the words “strangulation” or “electrocution”.

As I’ve said before, I don’t think dog-fighting should be illegal, or cock-fighting or beetle-fighting or whatever other sort of animal combat is enjoyed by the lower classes. The more sensitive and aesthetically inclined may not enjoy it, but then, I don’t like television and it’s a lot easier to make a case for the harmful effects of television than for all the animal combats in the world combined.

But whether it’s legal or not, there’s just some things you cannot due and expect to be regarded as a civilized member of society in good standing. One of them is slaughtering your animals for no reason.

I’ve decided I kind of like pit bulls after all, now that Mr. Pit Bull down the street and I have made friends. He’s very sweet, when I walk past his house, he wags his tail, cocks his head and presses against the gate to get his ears scratched. This doesn’t make him any more predictable or dangerous to little people, but it does make Mr. Mexico’s actions that much more reprehensible in my book.

As I recommended last year, before this dog-fighting scandal, the Falcons should have traded Vick, not Schaub. He’s an exciting player, but he’s already reached his potential as a quarterback. And now he’s very damaged goods, even if he is still allowed to play.