The more things change

The more we see that in some regards, nothing has changed in nearly two thousand years:

Christians in Iraq, including converts from Islam and people involved in mixed-faith marriages, are being crucified by Muslim terrorists, according to a Dutch member of Parliament studying the war-torn country. Several Iraqi Christians “are nailed to a cross and their arms are tied up with ropes. The ropes are put on fire,” Joel Voordewind told BosNewsLife, an online news agency focusing on Christians and Jews in difficult circumstances.

According to the site, Voordewind described how a person, who “survived” a crucifixion, “even showed holes in his hands,” apparently from nails.

Voordewind said victims of the crucifixions are “in most cases Christian converts who abandoned Islam or people who, religiously speaking, are involved in mixed marriages.”

Isn’t it wonderful that America is bringing democracy to this place? I note that Hitler not only won three parliamentary pluralities, but went on to win his four plebiscites with an average approval rating of more than 95 percent, and with voter turnout that was more than twice as high than that of the current United States. There has never been a leader with a greater or more genuine democratic mandate than the late German Reichskanzler.