Atheist or Jew

Christian or Hindu. It doesn’t matter. All parents delude themselves alike:

I should note that I doubt very seriously that the “Hey-let’s-have-a-makeover-and-subsume-ourselves-to-men!” subliminal message of the Bratz is going to get much traction with Athena; for as much as she likes to torture me with the Bratz, I think she gets what my opposition to them is, and between me and Krissy, she gets enough counterprogramming to make their impact negligible.

Alas, if only the parents of stoners, hookers and lawyers had thought to let their children know of their disapproval, so many bad life choices would have been averted!

I wish John the best of fortune in keeping his daughter off the pole, but I couldn’t help smiling about the paternal optimism he expresses. It rather tends to reminds one of the Christian parents who send their daughter off to pursue a degree in Women’s Studies, confident that they’ve let her know what they think about feminism.

My advice is that if you think it’s mentally poisonous junk, don’t tolerate it. You cannot control all of the intellectual inputs into a child’s mind, but you can certainly control those you permit entry in your house.