Mailvox: demmed fine science

ML wants to get jiggy wit it:

I’m not terribly impressed with credentials, but you seem to be.

Do you have any credible degree in science?

Do you have any credible degree in philosophy?

Do you even have a degree in literature?

For that matter do you have any credible degree in theology?

What then, by your own evaluation system, gives you the right to criticize your betters, the ones who have taken the time to do their homework? the ones that have taken the effort to actually study, in depth, the subjects about which they speak?

I strongly suggest that you stick to fiction. That way you don’t have to be accountable to anyone for anything you say.

Free speech gives idiots the right to criticize those who have done their homework. I strongly support free speech.

Go for it Vox, show the world how ignorant you are. I didn’t say you were not intelligent, just ignorant, that is ignorant, “lacking knowledge”.

BTW, yes, I have read Dawkins, and I have read Collins, and many many more. I don’t just read those with whom I agree. Critical thinking demands reading all sides of a problem. When it comes to truth, majority does not rule. Credentials do not rule. But, those who do not use their ability to think critically seem to be in the majority. I guess you are in the majority.

Typical woman. No evidence, no logic, just petty insults and an appeal to authority. The amusing thing is that you actually appear to think Dawkins has done his homework. Just to give two of many examples, here’s an accurate summary of his case that a religious upbringing is worse than childhood sexual abuse:

1. mention a letter from one woman abused by a priest
2. relate an apocryphal story about Alfred Hitchcock
3. talk about a Christian haunted house
4. repeat a comedienne’s routine
5. quote a letter from a guy who’s upset that he got dumped by his girlfriend.

I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced! That’s some demmed fine science right there. No doubt it couldn’t have been done without all those decades of experience as an evolutionary biologist. Second, on page 229, do tell me what number of cities over 25 equals 62 percent. Sixteen? No, that’s 64 percent. Fifteen? No, that’s 60 percent. Dickie boy is either careless about his homework or he can’t do third-grade math.

Now, go make yourself look pretty and leave the critical thinking to those few men who are capable of it. And in answer to your question, yes, I have a credible degree in science. A university even gave me a piece of paper that says so.