The Lambs of England

The new Prime Minister Gordon Brown continues Blair’s betrayal with a masterful example of Doublespeak:

Gordon Brown yesterday ruled out holding a referendum on a new European constitutional treaty as part of a wide-ranging package of reforms to give “more power to Parliament and the British people”…. Later this year, Mr Brown is expected to sign a new treaty incorporating the bulk of the EU constitution – including a new foreign policy chief, a permanent president and the surrender of 52 national vetoes – rejected by voters in France and Holland in 2005.

How do the British people possess more power when they aren’t even allowed to vote on their own political negation? This is a clear demonstration of the evil of representative democracy; each of the three major parties promised the referendum that is now being denied by those democratically elected officials.

Unless the English people stop this process, their enslavement is assured. I find it incredible that the English, who bravely battled every invader from Julius Caesar to Adolf Hitler, will so meekly submit to the deceit of a treacherous Scot and allow their island nation to be conquered by the Continent at last.

Three Lions? More like Fifty Million Lambs.