Cutting away

So my attempt to follow Spacebunny’s recommendation didn’t work quite the way it was supposed to. Instead of getting down to a nicely-cut 175, which was the goal, I ended up bulking-up to 190. I think the combination of creatine and leg work overwhelmed the slightly higher reps and lower weight program.

Anyhow, SB isn’t what you’d call keen on the mutant human-wolverine look, so I cut out the creatine, (wipes away a tear), cut out the free weight squats, (huzzah!), switched from cappucino to espresso (except for the morning one, I’m focused, not obsessed), and amped up the cardio (mo bike mo bettah). That seems to be working as I’ve already dropped four pounds, although since my friend Giorgio helpfully kicked me in the calf at the end of our pick-up game today legs tomorrow should be interesting. I also jacked up the reps from 12-10-8-6 to 15-15-12-12 and the veins are starting to come out, so apparently the lean train is starting to roll.

All bets are off, of course, if Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris elect to take me up on my offer to meet them in the UFC Octagon. I think I’d want to hit that with the full wolverine at 195. But I’m up for taking on any of the New Atheists in any way, be it a debate at the Oxford Union or UFC-style complete WITH FISHHOOK. The only thing that worries me – nay, terrifies me – is the thought of a shot contest against Christopher Hitchens and his liver.