Well, it does make sense

PZ doesn’t find it funny, but I sure do:

The one that sticks out was when Randy took me behind closed doors and said he had just learned of a situation where he just found out why Lindy was such a bitch. That he just learned she not only was a lesbian. She was an atheist.

As we’ve learned from Wired Magazine and the copious evidence presented around the Internet, most atheists are socially autistic. This isn’t the result of believing there is no God, that’s backwards, they believe there is no God because they’re assholes. Or in the case of the female variety, bitches. It’s a causal relationship, and yes, there are certainly exceptions, but the atheist=social autiste equation is almost mathematically reliable.

You see, there’s a word to describe pleasant and likeable people who don’t believe there is sufficient evidence to allow them to believe in God, and that word is “agnostic”.

What’s tremendously amusing about all of this is that atheists are very excited about Sam Harris, whose primary recommendation for them is intolerance. (We’re supposed to believe that he doesn’t mean that evil, kill-you-all intolerance, but merely conversational intolerance.)

So, in other words, atheists have chosen as a champion a man who recommends that they attempt to behave as even bigger assholes (and bitches) than they are already. But at the same time, they’re deeply offended that no one likes them….

And that’s just one of the many reasons the book is entitled “The Irrational Atheist”.