Someone else finally noticed

Instapundit picks up on it quicker than most:

THE DRIP, DRIP, DRIP ON OBAMA: It’s as if his real purpose were to get some people excited about a Democrat, then fade just in time for Hillary to win the nomination.

It has been obvious that the Magic Negro’s campaign is a fake one from the start. Doesn’t anyone ever think these things through? Although his campaign was not so much to get people excited about a Democrat, but to prevent the nomination from looking like an automatic coronation of Clinton. Because the nominee has to reflect the will of the people… it doesn’t look like much of a choice when only one option is presented, after all.

So, they’re given a few, and then the rug is pulled out from under the incorrect choices. As someone on NRO pointed out, Obama is merely playing the Bill Bradley role of the nice Democrat about whom everyone can write nice, positive things and who will not come anywhere close to winning the nomination. Edwards is Hillary’s only genuine rival, but he has too many strikes against him to pull off the nomination even though he’d probably do very well against Thompson, Giuliani, McCain or Romney.