Ideology vs evidence

Auguste at Pandagon is offended by the notion that women don’t tend to rob banks by themselves:

Feminism says: Women can handle crime sprees all by themselves, thank you

Yes, you read that right. The FBI believes that the “ponytail bandit” must have an accomplice, because she’s a woman, and women can’t handle this kind of thing.

Apparently he never stopped to consider the fact that the FBI has amassed a fair amount of experience regarding bank robbers and their modus operandum. Interestingly enough, the FBI often makes use of this experience as a guide in the way they go about pursuing wanted criminals. A serial killer is usually a social outcast, a killer of homosexuals is usually gay, and attractive young girls who rob banks are usually doing so at the behest of an older male accomplice with a criminal background with whom they are sexually involved.

This doesn’t mean that the historical norm is necessarily applicable to every specific case, only that it gives the investigators a reliable basis on which to begin their hunt. It is called a hypothesis, which is a part of the scientific method which is increasingly anathema to both the feminist mind and the feminized mind.