Mexican Mustache mathematics

VFR vivisects Michael Medved’s latest masterpiece in immigration moronics:

Hey, I’m just ballparking here for the moment, but let’s say that while 14 percent of the population is Hispanic, only eight percent of the electorate is Hispanic. And while Medved uses a benchmark of 45 percent Hispanic vote for Bush in 2004 down to 21 percent today, we know that the 45 percent figure is hogwash, based on one faulty poll which was wildly out of line with every other poll on Hispanic voting patterns. But let’s be generous and guestimate that the previous average Hispanic support for the Republican party over several elections was 36 percent and that it has dropped to 21 percent as a result of Republican opposition to amnesty. Fifteen percent of eight percent of the electorate is 1.2 percent of the electorate that the GOP loses by opposing amnesty.

Big Brain talks about how Hispanics will be “alienated” by Republican opposition to legalization. Strangely, it hasn’t occurred to him that non-Hispanic white Republicans might be alienated by Republican support for legalization. Based on the kind of passion that exists on this issue and the number of people who have been saying that they will not support any Republican who votes for amnesty, a conservative guess is that if the Republicans passed the amnesty they would lose ten percent of the non-Hispanic white vote. Let’s say conservatively that non-Hispanic whites, who form 67 percent of the population, form 70 percent of the electorate. Ten percent of 70 percent is seven percent of the electorate that the GOP would lose by supporting amnesty.

So, by stopping the Kill America bill the Republicans would lose 1.2 percent of the electorate, but by supporting the Kill America bill they would lose seven percent of the electorate.

Medved isn’t just a math-illiterate moron, he’s apparently a traitorous Three Monkey moron. I’m just wondering, if you cross a Medved with a Malkin, do you get a Shapiro? Seriously, how in the name of the Galapagos Islands did these three dimwits ever manage to find a national following. They’re not only reliably wrong, but they regularly manage to make themselves look ridiculous in the process.