Don’t Think and Mustache!

Apparently Michael Medved believes there’s sufficient evidence to prove the existence of Nessie and Bigfoot, but not the North American Union:

So a badly photographed, information-free videotape is released that purports to be the Loch Ness monster… and instantly, Michael Medved touts it as “stunning evidence” that proves “Nessie” exists. Considering his infatuation with Bigfoot, and his belief that, except for a few bitter-enders, scientists all agree that Mr. Sasquatch exists, color me unsurprised.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to decide if I’m truly an Internet superintelligence, or if the “conservative” commentariat is simply so blitheringly stupid that I’m merely an average UI and it’s only the delta that makes me look like the uploaded love-child of Sir Isaac Newton and Marilyn vos Savant.