Shout all you like

They’ll just ignore you:

Congress’s week-long Memorial Day recess was expected to leave the bill in tatters. But with a week of action set to begin today, the legislation’s champions say they believe that the voices of opposition, especially from conservatives, represent a small segment of public opinion. Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), who led negotiations on the bill for his party, said the flood of angry calls and protests that greeted the deal two weeks ago has since receded every day.

It’s time to leave the Republican Party. You can stick around long enough to vote in the nomination process if you like, but you might as well start getting used to the idea that if you are at all conservative or pro-American, the Republican Party has no use or place for you. And why should they, when they’re more interested in competing for the favor of the 100 million Mexicans they plan to make citizens of the North American Union than the 21 million conservative Republicans who vote.

Those socialists in Vermont have the right idea in pushing for secession.