The “conservative” commentariat isn’t

Conservative anymore. And yet, NRO published a reasonably fair article about Ron Paul today:

After serving in Congress for just over 16 of the last 31 years and attracting minimal national attention during that time, Paul has, in just a few weeks, begun to stand out — and apart — from the rest of the Republican candidates….

One might think that Paul, as a pro-life, anti-amnesty, government-cutting economic conservative would find a welcome home in conservative circles, but in recent weeks, the congressman has been lambasted for his longstanding opposition to the Iraq war. Michelle Malkin wrote that Paul “has no place on the Republican stage,” and’s Dean Barnett called him “the very definition of a crank.”

Rudy is a mendaciouth dithather. Romney only looks like the perfect politician, but he combines some of the worst elements of John Kerry and Michael Dukakis. McCain is insane. The sad thing about the Republican elite’s determination to keep Ron Paul out of the running – and the willingness of the Republican water-carriers in the blogosphere to follow their lead in this – is that he’s not only the right choice on principle, he’s the only pragmatic possibility for defeating Hillary with the possible exception of Huckabee.

Seriously, how do you expect to beat Hillary in what is obviously a down year for Republicans with candidates WHO SHARE HER VIEWS on all the major issues? Unless Republicans offer a viable and convincingly sincere break from the very unpopular actions of the recent past, they are sunk deeper than Dukakis driving his tank into Boston Harbor.