Mailvox: the blind Busheviks

Ted is frustrated:

You must be very lonely? I say that as one who spends every spare minute criticizing Bush from the right – and I have no friends left at all. Conservatives simply will not condemn the one man responsible for the entire mess, and I find that infuriating. He’s the one who has ruined the country, and the people I talk to hold it against me for being so critical.

And just after I read your column, I read one by some talk show host in Palm Beach who is also critical of Bush. His name is Andy Martin, and this nut’s inital step in rectifying the problem is:

“First, Republicans should ever so politely jettison the religious right, and let some religious adherents migrate to the Democratic Party. Why not give Democrats a few headaches with ‘values voters’?”

Now I’m not Christian, but I’m not insane either, and I’m starting to believe that a whole lot of conservatives are just as insane as liberals.

This just proves Scott Adams’ point: people who don’t need people are the HAAAPPPIEST people. Seriously, politics is not the personal and it isn’t life either. If you spend all of your time criticizing Bush, I wouldn’t want to hang around you either and I’m probably in complete agreement.

While Cedarford would no doubt agree with Mr. Martin’s take on the situation, it’s completely stupid. The religious right accounts for 23 percent of the TOTAL electorate and accounted for 35.2 percent of Bush’s support in the 2004 election. Republicans not only can’t win without them, they can’t survive as a party without them.

And this is exactly why 2008 would be an excellent time for them to withdraw en masse from the Republican Party.