George Bush: Holocaust Denier

I continue to find this sort of hysterical Medvedian reaction to be most amusing:

When the Nazis regime is the only regime you can think of to compare to your present situation, red flags should go up. It’s hard to separate the lesson Vox thinks we should learn from the Nazis from all of the other “lessons” that led to this one. And if we’re really learning the lesson of Nazi deportations, then we’d have to pay attention to how they did it: placing people in cattle cars so crowded that it was not possible to sit, much lay down, and transporting them for days, sometimes even for weeks, without food or water.

Okay, so if we know it takes four years to identify and transport six million people in inhumane conditions, how much longer will it take to do it in air conditioned, beer-and-pizza provisioned comfort? 50 percent longer? 150 percent longer? The point is that it can be done. And how is it hard to separate one lesson of the National Socialist regime from another, does this emo-brain also have the impression I’m advocating an invasion of Poland, launching rockets at London and a Non-Aggression Pact with Stalin’s corpse?

This guy doesn’t even seem to realize that he has EXPLICITLY conceded my point, his paroxysms of outrage notwithstanding. THE HISTORICAL EXAMPLE OF THE NAZI MURDERS SIMPLY PROVES THAT WHAT GEORGE BUSH SAID WAS IMPOSSIBLE IS, IN FACT, POSSIBLE. That doesn’t mean that Americans harbor any desire to hurt anyone and it doesn’t even mean that we have to transport people like the Germans did. In fact, that wouldn’t even make any sense, since we don’t want to harm any aliens, we just want to send them safely home.

If we’re going to not do things simply because the National Socialists did them, then I suggest that we begin by not financing public schools and not invading other countries. And I note with no little amusement that if George Bush or anyone else claims that mass deportations are impossible, this must, by definition, make them Holocaust Deniers.

UPDATE: “That may be a rational argument, but I can’t imagine it’s one anyone wants to make.”

Yes, it’s much better to make an irrational one. “It’s unrealistic to transport millions of people because the Nazis did it and they were bad people and we’re not bad people so therefore we can’t.”