Damning with faint praise

The basket looks like the Pacific Ocean to John Derbyshire.

Ron Paul was asked: “Are you running for the nomination in the wrong party?” I forget what he said, but the actual answer is “Yes.” Ron should be the candidate of the Constitution party. The Republican party is not a reliably conservative party. It is a slightly right-of-center party that American conservatives vote for grudgingly, because they believe that only the two big parties can ever win the presidency, and Republican administrations are very slightly more likely to very occasionally enact conservative measures than are Democratic administrations.

That pretty much describes why I am not a Republican and why I find it impossible to harbor any sympathy for those conservatives who blindly elect to put their trust in the Republican Party year after year, then inevitably complain about how they have been betrayed.

Immigration: Striking how utterly clueless all the candidates (except Tancredo) were about this issue until a few months ago. Now they are all desperately having to unwind their idiotic remarks of the previous Era of Immigration Ignorance. Guys, this has been talked about by thoughtful people for YEARS. It’s over a decade since Peter Brimelow published Alien Nation. Did you really not give a nanosecond’s thought to this huge, momentous issue until last summer? Really? Good grief. We are governed by morons.

Word ’em up.

Ron Paul put forward the “blowback” theory, which I first heard on or about Sept. 12, 2001, from Pat Buchanan, and which is perfectly plausible, though in my opinion an over-simplification. Rudy: “I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before.” For goodness sake, Rudy. Don’t you READ? The reality is, Rudy, that entire books have been written to promote the blowback theory. Have your staffers read some of them & write up abstracts for you. You NEVER HEARD of this theory? Gimme a break.

Giuliani is either a quasi-illiterate moron or a lying weasel. No wonder the moronic Three Monkey Republicans are ecstatic about putting forward a pro-abortion New York liberal as the new Ronald Reagan.