Anti-migration is the winning stance

In case you’re too thick to have grasped this yet:

Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta, who gained national prominence by targeting illegal immigrants living in his small northeastern Pennsylvania city, cruised to the Republican nomination for a third term on Tuesday – and unexpectedly won the Democratic nomination, too.

Barletta trounced GOP challenger Dee Deakos with nearly 94 percent of the vote. And he beat former Mayor Michael Marsicano for the Democratic nomination by staging a last-minute write-in campaign, all but guaranteeing himself another term, unofficial returns showed.

I find it very, very telling that despite the overwhelming popularity of shutting off the migration spigot with Democrats and Republicans alike, none of the media anointed front-runners will even consider grasping the nettle. Sure, they’ll flip-flop on abortion and taxes and homogamy and anything else the public demands….

But turning the nation over to Mexicans and Muslims? That’s non-negotiable. That’s a must. That’s progress.

Towards what?