Of pearls and particularly swinish swine

Cosmos doesn’t like a definition of religious war because it blows apart his nonsensical anti-religious argument:

Do you have a calculation on that “3%”? If a war or attack on a people is justified by religion do you count that? I think we should.

I’m capable of doing the basic division required, there’s no need to check it. As for how the wars are classified, I truly don’t care what your opinion happens to be. It is obvious that the contributors to the Encyclopedia, 9 PhD historians from the University of Cambridge, Cornell University, the University of California, Ohio State University and the University of London, all disagree.

And the amazing thing is that this still won’t shut Cosmos up, he’ll just keep yapping and making the same old discredited assertions no matter what evidence is presented. The amusing thing is that he actually believes he is dedicated to science and reason… but not even the most incompetent scientist could ignore the vast quantities of empirical evidence that Cosmos makes a regular habit of avoiding.

And here I thought the whole basis of atheism was the insistence on evidence in the place of unsupported faith. Apparently that only applies to the existence of God, not to any other belief.