Wrath: the Amazon option

I am informed that contra my last week’s post, it’s no longer necessary to order The Wrath of Angels directly from K&B Booksellers:

The second print run is here and we shipped out all the backordered copies early [Saturday] afternoon. More to the point, we’ve made some upgrades to our Amazon dealer account, and we now have THE POWER TO CREATE *NEW* AMAZON LISTINGS!

Like this one:

So if you’ve got anybody in the queue who’s just dying to write as rave review of Wrath of Angels, this is the time and place to get ’em into action.

I haven’t heard from too many of you about whether you like the book or not, so I’ll be interested in knowing what you think about it. I’m not looking for cheerleading, I already know it’s no literary masterpiece, but even when a reader dislikes a book, it’s good to know why. And if you aren’t inclined to pay for it or aren’t sure you want to risk $12.95 sight unseen, there’s always the free ebook which you can download here.

Speaking of books, after a few week’s distraction, TIA is humming along again. It’s about one-quarter complete and I should be sending out another chapter for comment soon to another mixed pair of volunteers.