Ron Paul and the Pajama conspiracy

Pajamas Media poll from the week of the Republican debate:


1308 43.4% Fred Thompson
_640 21.2% Ron Paul
_317 10.5% Rudy Giuliani

And the weekly poll following the debate:


1160 35.0% Fred Thompson
1021 34.8% Ron Paul
_277 _8.3% Rudy Giuliani

These polls also underline the total lack of appeal Giuliani possesses for the most active part of the Republican base.

Pajamas Media is now claiming that there was “considerable cheating” by Ron Paul supporters, which is a very odd claim if one notes that the number of overall number of votes for all candidates is not only very close to that of the previous week but is barely more than half the number of votes from the first week of April.

Nor does Pajamas Media bother to explain how Ron Paul’s diabolically clever supporters managed to magically whisk away 90 percent of Rudy Giuliani’s support in reducing his votes from 2500 votes in the early Pajama polls to only 277 last week.

Sure, it’s possible that everything is the result of libertarian gremlins ruining the highly sensitive science of an Internet poll. Or maybe, the real story being revealed by the poll is that the sort of Republicans who pay attention to the election eighteen months out really aren’t all that interested in selecting a nasty, lisping, liberal New Yorker as their standard bearer.

What a stunning surprise that would be!