They’re too busy working

The Washington prostitution scandal offers one explanation for why career women are less likely to marry:

Palfrey recruited women by placing ads featuring her telephone number in local alternative newspapers and campus publications, including the University of Maryland school newspaper….

From career professionals to graduate students, most women who came to Palfrey to work did so because they needed money — to pay off credit card debt, cover school loans or pay tuition fees, according to Palfrey. “I had a gal, for example, who was at Georgetown Medical,” she said. At different times Palfrey employed a college professor, a medical researcher, a Navy officer, a legal secretary and a suburban realtor.

You know, if you’re spending your days working in an office and your evenings working as a prostitute, you really aren’t in much of a position to complain that you can’t meet a nice guy who wants to marry you.

Although I have never made use of their services, I have nothing against prostitutes of either the street or high class varieties. But I nevertheless find it more than a little ironic that a madam should find it profitable to look to college students, graduate students and career women – most likely East Coast, moderately feminist liberals all – in stocking her hooker store.